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Stop Victim Blaming campaign poster series.

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almost five years of lovin. And now he sings and plays ukelele songs like “you are my sunshine” for our tiny babe & talks to him/her through my belly button. I’m so sappy and grateful and full-hearted tonight.

so fucking adorable

help meeeeeeeee

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By: Lorenzo Gritti

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I am perpetually
The loss of the
Kind of life
I’ll never lead.

Do you never
Just find yourself
With desire
To be anyone
But you
As you are
At that moment?



Hassan Massoudy(Iraqi, b.1944)

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Reckoner, you can’t take it with you.
Dancing for your pleasure.

You are not to blame for bittersweet distractors.
Dare not speak its name, dedicated to all human beings.

Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore, in rainbows.

Reckoner, take me with you.

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